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Most everywhere I go I take digital photographs of places that speak to me. What we feel as humans comes so often from our physical space. Although I visually speak in the abstract narrative, my resource is usually one of my digital captures. I will develop a concept after researching my library. My studio walls are covered with ideas clipped and manipulated from my photographs. Development of the final piece may take months or even years. This depends on where I am or wish to be intellectually and emotionally. The materials I choose both inform and are driven by the developing piece.

In my studio I turn on my music, stain paper, embed it in glazes, play with collage materials, brush, roll and drip paint and give expression, voice and resolution to my ideas.

It is my desire to engage the viewer in both an identifiable and individually interpretive journey. I try to visualize the beauty and abundance of life around us and focus on the subconscious as a source of strength.




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